About Soda Co.

Soda Co. Advertising is the alternative solution to the creative agency world. Our humble beginnings started in April, 2017 - designing interactive installations for unlicensed warehouse parties and events in the city of Toronto, Canada. Although we started our journey in the darkness of the underground electronic music world, we don't associate with any one type of specific industry. The name itself, "Soda Co." has been purposefully chosen to declare variety and ambiguity. The entire focus of the agency is to excel in the medium of creative interaction design and intuitive display fabrications.

Represented by the design of our minimal and generic logo, we will continue to push the boundaries of technology in advertising.

"Visionary Ideas and a bright, bright future."
- Greg Chiste, Application & Automation Engineer

"Advertising of the future. Making innovative dreams a reality." - Lauren Smith, Sales & Fashion Marketing Specialist

Soda Co.
Advertising That Works.


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